Hydra Pen H2


Hydra Pen H2 Professional Microneedling Pen Automatic Applicator Skin Care Tool Home Kit for Personal Use With 10pcs Cartridges



What is Hydra Pen ?

Hydra pen H2 is a new concept skin care device. It equipped with a containable needle cartridge , the essence will penetrate into the skin automatically while doing the MTS movement, which greatly improves the efficiency and effect of skin care treatment.


Main advantages

1.containable needle cartridge

2.Automatic application, clean and hygiene

3.Available for different essence

4.LED display of speed

5.Comfortable hand-held design

6.Build-in battery, wireless operation

More Convenient and Time-Ssaving Operation

Integrated design of the Hydrapen, the skin can be micro-needle treatment while the essence is applied.

This design makes it easier for the beautician to perform microneedle treatment. At the same time, individual users can also do professional micro-needle treatment for themselves.

How Hydra.Pen work

  1. 4 speeds can be choice and display on LED.
  2. Comfortable hand-held design.
  3. Built-in battery. wireless operation.

All in one needle cartridge

Available for different essence.

3ml needle cartridge.Enough essence for loading a facial microneedle.

3 types of needles cartridge are available to handle most skin microneedling treatment needs.

Package list:

1 * Hydra Pen

10* Hydra Pen H2 Cartridges (6*12pin,2*Nano-HR,2*Nano-HS)

2 * Retaining Ring

1 * Adaptor

1 * Power Cable

1 * Manual

1 * Box


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